Philip Van Kelst


Philippos ‘friend of horses’ is my name. Horses have been my companions since my earliest childhood. In the past few years they have come to assume their coaching and integrative role in my life more and more. I am trained horse rider and work in a wide variety of very distinct approaches: classical riding school, natural horsemanship, natural horse care, groundwork, Equine Assisted Learning (Eagala and Epona), …

During the first 13 years of my professional career I have been active as a clinical psychologist in psychosocial aid and the mental care system. I have also taught various extracurricular training courses and have been acting as ‘Executive professor’ at the UAMS management school.

In the last 13 years, I have set up a quality-based coaching and training bureau that stands out in the domain of change projects in organisations around leadership, communication, and cooperation. More information can be found on

In the coming 13 years, aside from the ongoing development and expansion of Van Kelst & Co, horses will take an essential place in the further fulfilment of my mission. Kheiron is a first step. The balance between social and ecological involvement on the one hand, and economic return and the strive for quality on the other, will become the foundation of the broader project in which Kheiron takes its place.