Josselien Janssens


Horses are as long as I can remember the lead throughout my life. From 2004 onwards I have been studying the way in which horses give us insight by their natural behavior in the secrets of successful leadership and effective team behavior.

I have been trained as coach/trainer Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning by Linda Kohanov, a pioneer in this field since 20 years in Arizona. I base my work on natural horsemanship (‘horse whispering’), Academic riding, mindfulness and balance techniques deriving from Eastern martial arts.

Originally a journalist/communication professional, I have been working for 20 years as team member and team leader in a large international non-profit organisation. My responsibilities included coordinating large teambuilding events, and this is how my passion for teambuilding started. This background provides a rich source of experience which I use to help leaders and teams achieve their best potential.

The natural role division in the horse herd gives us beautiful analogies for the ‘human herd’. Horses show us how we can function better, as humans and teams, when we let go of the complexity of human world, and base our actions on our original intuitive nature. Kheiron integrates the wisdom of nature with the leading insights in the field of effective leadership, management and teambuilding: being progressive and sustainability go hand in hand for reaching the best results.