Klara Peeters


I am a medical general practitioner by training and have worked for the first 18 years of my career in a duo-practise in the Seefhoek neighbourhood in Antwerp, a multicultural community which faces various social issues. I followed several therapeutic postgraduate courses.
I became involved in Oriental Dance and have taught women’s groups for a number of years, one of these being the “Centrum voor Natuurlijk Genezen” (Centre for Natural Healing). In 1992, I undertook a six-year education in osteopathy at College Sutherland. In 2002, I became a licensed osteopath D.O. I continued my education with training in biodynamic osteopathy in the US and other countries. Osteopathy has been the main therapeutic approach in my practise in Lier.
Much later horses came into my life as surprising companions and healers. Through the confrontation, support, love, and transformation which I experienced with horses and through contact with our herd, I realised the possibilities of our community with them. I followed courses in natural horsemanship, groundwork, and the natural care and healing of horses. I studied Equine Assisted Learning (Eagala and Epona),… The integration of my knowledge and experience as a doctor, dancer, osteopath and horse woman results in the development of a personal guidance and healing approach, using horses as partners.